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Fateen Chatbot Features

The personal banker your customer needs.
Flawless Arabic | State-of-Art Builder | Faster time to market

Get insight into your bots’

Reports give an insight into your bots’ performance. With the data in hands, you can get a better understanding of what parts of the stories work and what interactions require additional improvements

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Interactive Landing Pages

Countless clicks get wasted in the PPC campaigns every minute due to landing pages being static. Instead, engage your customers further with interactive landing pages through chatbots to see growth up to 2x immediately.


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One Conversational BOT For All Your Business Requirements

Using multiple engagement tools to improve your business? This is the product you’ve been waiting for. Bring your vision to life with just one customizable chatbot for any aspect of your organization.

One Bot For All Channels

Integrate easily with your apps and platforms & Interact with all your customers on various devices and channels with one consistent tone of voice reaching out to more customers using your website or app

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